Siva Muthuprakash

Researcher [email protected]


Siva Muthuprakash has been working on farming and farmer development indicators for over five years. He has recently completed his Ph.D. from Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA), IIT Bombay. After completing his B.Tech in Biotechnology, he worked on entomopathogenic nematodes at Indian Cardamom Research Institute (ICRI), Myladumpara for his MS (research) from VIT University. He had also briefly worked at Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS), Chennai. His research interests include sustainable and remunerative farming, food security and safety, agriculture and food policies, evaluation of agricultural schemes and programs etc. Currently, he is working on understanding growth and management challenges faced by Social Enterprises while also formulating a research on challenges in scaling up of sustainable farming practices.