Profiling of Noteworthy Social Workers in India

vaf-bookOver the years the Trusts have been supporting social work in a range of subjects. The support included many people who have devoted their lives for undertaking work for the needy. VAF prepared profiles of a selected few of such individuals whom the Trusts have supported in the past.


The overall aim was three fold:


(a) Explore the set of motivations which made them take to and sustain their engagement in social work. Seen as an academic effort, the results can be shared through a research paper;


(b) Prepare a dissemination product which can be suitably distributed for the information of prospective youth;


(c) Simultaneously document the achievements of the Trusts in the respective area.


A total of 22 profiles were completed in a span of one year covering a vast thematic and geographic range. The output is expected to be disseminated in two forms, first is a book, which has been published, and second is a full compendium in an e book format which will be out soon.

The book can be purchased online at Amazon