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COVID-19 InducedLockdown– How is the Hinterland Unlocking?

As a follow-up of round 1, a consortium of Civil society organizations undertook a next round rapid assessment telephonic survey of rural households across various states in India. Objective of this round of survey was to understand how rural households were faring as India is gradually moving from lockdown to unlocking.


The following presentations give the preliminary findings from the surveys.


Raw Data

Since the survey was a collective effort and will be of public interest, we will be happy to share the entire dataset on request.

AKRSP-I, ASA, Grameen Sahara, i-Saksham, PRADAN, SATHI-UP, Sambodhi, SeSTA, Seva Mandir, TRI, VikasAnvesh Foundation (2020). Covid-19 and hinterland: Rapid survey round 2 June-July 2020.