Scattered and disenfranchised Groups – Challenges faced by state and district administration in providing welfare schemes

Opportunity-gapsIn general, different tiers of the government administrations, from village to central level, face significant challenges in reaching out to people and providing welfare schemes in rural India. When it is for the Scattered and Disenfranchised Groups (S&DGs), the picture is even worse. S&DGs consists of groups that are large, dispersed, and are left away from the development process because they lack in political unity and hence remain unattended. Five groups have been identified as S&DGs.


  1. Particularly Vulnerable Tribes and Groups (PVTGs).
  2. Persons with Disabilities (PWD)
  3. Rural Elderly
  4. Widows and Deserted
  5. Children Without Adult Protection

The study intends to investigate each category and identifies what challenges bureaucracy and administration face in facilitating access to welfare schemes at the local level.