Under-representation of Muslims in Higher Education

Changinf-consumption-patternThe share of Muslims in India’s population is 13.6%. It is a matter of common observation that over the last five decades, the proportion of Muslim students in higher and professional education has remained much below their share in the population. Literacy rates among Muslims, both for boys and girls, are at more or less par if not higher than those of the Hindus. The proportion of those continuing in education appears to start dropping as one compares at higher standards/age, and the enrolment in Universities shows a sharply divergent figure with Muslims falling below 13%. All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE 2016) states that the participation rate of Muslims in higher education (enrolment in Universities, etc.) is 5%. The study intends to explore and inquire in the possible factors as well as causes and their relative contribution to the situation of persistent and gross under-representation of Muslims in higher, technical and professional education.