Sustainable Agriculture in India: Why does it not Scale Up?

Despite decades of work by various non-governmental organizations, most of the initiatives on agro-ecological farming and organic farming practices have either stagnated or sometimes fallen out. While a niche of farmers is able to reap the benefits of agro-ecological farming, there is a need to understand the barriers that stop the neighbouring farmers from adopting the agro-ecological practices.

We initiated a study with the objective to understand the challenges faced by farmers on adopting agro-ecological practices and to identify the barriers in scaling up sustainable farming practices. The study was conducted across 11 states during the year 2019. Four key aspects covered in the study includes the adoption rate of various organic practices, motivation of farmers to adopt organic farming practices, their experience and challenges in adoption, and various characteristics of the farm and farmer affecting the challenges.


An online dissemination seminar and discussion on this study was held on 4th Aug 2020 (Tuesday) at 4.00PM. Please visit this link to see the recording of the session.


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